Changing Tastes

The door busted open and in walked my deepest secret.delicious1

“What if someone was here?” I ask, stifling a yawn.

He winces. The thought of another being with me in the middle of the night turns his eyes a deeper shade of green but in a second they go back to chartreuse. He knows his boy is a tease.

The door slams closed and in walks my sweetest nightmare. I didn’t invite him in and he doesn’t mind the taste of garlic spaghetti on my lips.

Why should I wonder?

Angels never liked blood, and I’m dying to taste his.


* * *

I came up wit this for Lori’s  Drabble Challenge on Promptly Written. I couldn’t for the life of me scroll past that awesome bonsai azalea badge and I hope I’ve done well in earning it.

To keep the inspiration flowing, there’s another challenge. 

Start with  

“I spilled my coffee…” 

and continue until you reach 100 words.  Oh, and link back :). 

Happy writing!




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