A to Z – Challenge Over

Yeah, I did it! My first year in the AtoZ challenge and I did it all the way, sticking to the initial plan. Actually, when I say a plan it was not really a… plan. It was a creative chaos with some directions in it. Still it was a nice experience not only because I sharpened my discipline skills. It’s great mainly because of the blogs you stumble upon and the interacting with other bloggers. I’m far from the idea that I managed to visit them all with the little time I had for the challenge but there are few which I was impressed by.


One of my topics was healthy, yummy food and I looked around for similar. Shirley @ I Just Have to Say had some pretty interesting ideas I’m still to try. And talking about positive lifestyle, Sue@ Sizzling Towards Sixty is the Queen of motivation! At her blog she has a real Guide to a healthier, happier you.

IMG_1455Being a fan of flower photography I enjoyed very much every day at Sue’s Words and Pictures where she offered beautiful garden of known and unknown flowers. Other great photography blog is Neala Luna’s Moon, Light and Shadow where she showed the beauty of desolate places which I personally find unbelievably inspirational.

And talking about inspiration, we get to writing. Writing is7955862056_a38d8f6975_o my primary passion and that’s why few drabbles  unexpectedly popped up although I haven’t
included them in the theme reveal. I enjoyed very much Kimberley’s short, fun stories with brilliant endings at KimberleyCooperBlog  as well as the longer tales which Stephanie Ingram spun about all kinds of Visitors from Beyond – even though they are until N only, they are all worth reading.

All through the challenge Trisha Faye @ Writer’s Zen Blog helped me breathe easier.  We all need a lot of Zen in our lives. And it was Mithila’s posts @ Fabulus and The Blue Life which were always interesting. I loved not only the strange words she found but the way she weaved them with personal experience, her energy and dedication.

survivor-atoz 2016 v2 - sm_zpsx3dtq1n6

Now the challenge is over, I’m happy it is. It is quite time consuming and I’m hesitant about participating again in 2017. Yet, this is a long way and many things can happen.

In the meantime I’ll try not to neglect the blog and continue posting of Love, Beauty and general Yumminess so if any of these or all of them are up your street, you’re more than welcome to stick around.

I’d like to thank everyone who dropped by and commented. I wish everyone all the best with their future plans!


7 thoughts on “A to Z – Challenge Over

  1. A wonderful summary of this amazing month of April! Congratulations on completing the challenge at your first attempt 😊
    I specially loved the flower photos, because I haven’t seen so much variety in flowers back here at home! And i do want to try out the banana and blueberry smoothie 😊
    I’m glad that you liked my posts , and I do hope I’ve earned a dedicated follower in you! I’ll surely stay in touch even after the challenge 😊😇

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  2. Thanks for the shout out for Writer’s Zen! You’re awesome.
    I found a lot of new, fun blogs through the A to Z, but missed most of the others you mentioned. I’ll go check them out now.
    Thanks for writing such a nice wrap up post. Great idea!

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  3. Yeah, you did it and well done. I’m still playing catch up on all the things I slowed down on while trying to hop around and comment. I was a a bit disillusioned by how few people reciprocated but, hey ho, such is life. A shame I didn’t see your blog before but good luck if you take the challenge next year 🙂

    Rosa Temple writes…

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