Guest Corner: Keelan Ellis about The One Thing I Know and What Comes Next

She’s writing her characters in such a way that you can’t help falling in love with most of them, and the one thing I know for sure is that with her latest release Keelan Ellis will become a 1-click author for many readers.  

Welcome to my café, Keelan! Tell me something about yourself in one sentence.

Once I trust you, I’ll tell you just about anything. 

So what are you up to now?

I’m currently working on a follow-up to Good Boys, which is more on the detective side than the romance one. However, there are going to be some developments on that front too, which I think readers will be excited about. Paul may not handle it as well as one could, though.

I also have a companion book to The One Thing I Know, which is about Richard Gold, a Los Angeles legend, known for his parties and his extensive sexual escapades. What happens when he meets a demisexual WASP lawyer? CAN ANYONE GUESS

What do you think makes a good story? What usually comes first to you – the plot or the characters?

For me, the characters, by a mile. It’s one reason I loved fan fiction. If the characters were deep, and interesting, you could pop them into any plot and they’d continue to be interesting.

If someone hasn’t read any of your books and asks you where to start, which one would you recommend?

That depends. If you like cop stuff, male bonding, and a strong gay protagonist (but where romance is a side plot), start with Good Boys. If romance is your thing, I think you should TheOneThingIKnow-f500hold out for my upcoming release, The One Thing I Know. It’s out on August 14 and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

What are the first 5 sentences on the page 84 of that book?

“That would require me pretending that it would take a great deal of effort for you to get in my pants. Not too credible.”

“Fine, then, not your pants. Your heart. Your mind. Whatever. What happened on the tour is erased, and it’s a clean slate.”

He shook his head. “You know it doesn’t work that way. All that stuff that happened is already part of what’s between us. And honestly, I’m glad. If I didn’t know those things about you, I’d have a much different picture of who you are.”

“It’d be a much prettier picture.”

“Not to me.”

How do you deal with writer’s block?

I stop writing. At least for awhile. By the time I feel ready to start again, a few ideas have usually come to me, so I bat those around with a friend who always helps me brainstorm stuff. Sometimes I wait too long, though, and going back to it feels really scary. 

A bird told me you love well-prepared food. Tell me something quick and delicious (think an author scrambling for a swift bite before the next scene).

This is not at all fancy, but it’s my favorite thing and the only food I want when I have a cheat day from my diet. It’s popcorn (on the stove, not the weird microwave kind) with butter and salt and real parmesan cheese. I can eat a giant bowl all by myself, no problem.

Which of your characters you’d love to have us join us in the café? Why?

Terry Blackwood. He’s the lead singer of the Vulgar Details, from a working class neighborhood in London, bisexual, and a recovering alcoholic. Also, he’s hilarious.

What is the best and worst about interacting with fans?

The best thing about interacting with fans is knowing that someone is paying attention. Of course, I love to sell books, and it would be fantastic to make enough from my writing to do it full time (the dream!), but the biggest payoff comes from knowing that people appreciate what you do. Just one reader personally telling me that they loved something I wrote can give me a high that lasts for days. Before I wrote professionally, I wrote a fair amount of fan fiction, and the excitement and feedback you can get from doing that is incredibly gratifying.

The worst thing about it is when I have to do anything that hints of marketing. I hate the idea of trying to sell myself, and I’m sure that shows because I’m not very good at it. I want to have genuine interaction with readers as people, and I feel like advertising my work gets in the way with that.

Thank you for your visit! I can’t wait to see what happens with Richard. 🙂

Now that I read The One Thing I Know, I agree with Keelan that Terry is hilarious (and so much more) and I’d like to share the pleasure of reading this exceptional book with you! Enter below for a chance to win a copy of the book.

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Keelan Ellis is an author of gay romance and detective fiction. She’s addicted to politics, true crime and that gum that comes in cubes. She lives with one man, two girls, two cats, a dog and a guinea pig, and that’s not even counting all the people inside her head.

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