Snippet, Aug 19

Hey there! I have to write more posts for the blog tour of Honey and Heat,  but I’m procrastinating, so here’a a little Rainbow Snippet from it.

* * *

“Haven’t woken you up, have I? You look like you’re just getting out of bed.”
The smile on Brice’s lips was polite but in his eyes it was devilish, as if he wanted to offer his services to take him back to bed right away.
“Not really,” Linden answered coldly. “Can I help you with something?”
“Can I come in?”
“What for?”
The bright blue eyes looked at him as if they saw beneath his calm exterior, if it was calm at all with the half-terrified question that came out of his lips.

* * *

You can read a longer excerpt at NineStar Press or mark it at Goodreads if you consider it to be a good addition to your TBR. Also if you have space to host a promo post anytime in September, let me know.  It’s my first  published novel so wish me luck!

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