Snippet, Jan 13

My first snippet for the year  is from Midnight Twist –  a funny demonic novelette  coming out during March.  If you like it, stay tuned.

* * *

“So you are the devil, right?”

“No, I am a demon, third level.” He jumped off the table and landed elegantly by my side. “I’m Eluin, nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, sure!”

I didn’t know what other tricks he had up his sleeve, but if he thought that he could convince me of his supernatural origins with few jumps, he was seriously misguided. I waved my hand dismissively and looked around to find something I could dry the floor with while listening to his nonsense but he didn’t appreciate being ignored and appeared in front of me in a jiffy. The inhumanly quick movements were nothing compared to the fiery red hair and the narrowed green eyes which scared the living daylights out of me, no less than the long tail thumping the floor with irritation.

* * *

Thanks for dropping by and have an inspiring and productive year!



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