What I promised myself for 2018

The Holidays are over, with all their excitement and excess. The so-called most depressing day of the year is over, too. They say it is termed that way because by then we’re totally out of money and we’ve already cheated on our New Year’s resolutions.

In my case the first might be so, but I so far things are going good with the latter.

What I promised myself for 2018 was to be more organized and to make more time for writing, and to post at least one meaningful post per month. To stay away from people whose only purpose in life is to create drama and to stick to those who seek to create beauty and truth. Above all, to save my energy for everything that’s meaningful to me.

What about you? What did you promise yourself and are you still keeping the line?





4 thoughts on “What I promised myself for 2018”

  1. I promised I’d tried to make my obsessive nature work for me, make it increase my media presence. Hence all the Tokyo Ghoul, Vampire Game and Girl Genius reviews at goodreads. 🙂 The problem is I ended up seriously distracting myself. I’ve got to get back to my writing, too! (rueful grin)

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    1. Yep, Tokyo Ghoul appears on my news feed every day since you are of my GR top friends. I wondered when I’d have time for it. ^^ I watched the movie just the other day, though. Have you?

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      1. There’s a movie? Is Tsukiyama in it? (tries not to drool) Actually I saw a few episodes at YaoiCon, read up on the series online, and ended up getting the first season of the anime on DVD. I fell madly in love with it, was eager to get the second season, which I got for Christmas. I also got the first few volumes of the manga. The second season really disappointed me. I love the manga, though…it’s beautiful. Dark, but beautiful.

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      2. I don’t remember Shuu being in it but it is a good movie overall. (You know me and my love of Asian movies^^). By the way the guy who plays Kaneki is the one who plays Light in NTV’s Death Note, which unfortunately I haven’t got round to watching yet.


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