A Summer’s Day: Shakespearean Anthology with a Twist

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Synopsis of When I Love Thee Not

Desmond, the heir of a business owner is outed in the media after a hot night with his lover, Olvin, who also happens to be the company’s best negotiation expert.
This is only the first step in Ian’s plan to get back at Olvin for choosing Michel Caswell as a main assistant for the latest merger instead of him, a plan in which he’s moving everybody around like pawns on a chessboard, bending the rules.
Will Ian drive a wedge between Desmond and Olvin and get the position he wants or will he realize that there’s something more important that stops the world from turning into chaos?

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He laughed bitterly with his face still covered, then looked up at his PR, and obviously, the only man who was honest with him in this situation.

“You think I am worrying about this? Not that I underestimate what you’ve done, I appreciate it greatly but… Por Dios! I wish you haven’t told me what you did. Even if he was with Michael, I didn’t know. Even if all his father’s employees fucked him, I haven’t felt it on his lips. His eyes are so innocent, Ian! It’s not possible that he’s like that.”

The green eyed man seemed concerned and there was a look of remorse in his eyes. He probably wished he hadn’t told it either.

“I hate to break it to you, mate but most boys here know how to play innocent when they aren’t. Everything’s considered fine as long as their lovers don’t find out. If they do…”

“Oh, if I do, he’ll regret this for the rest of his life.” He made a pause then proceeded slowly, “And if I found out you’ve slandered him no matter how good was your intention, you’ll never a find a place to hide from me.”

Ian raised his eyebrow and it was visible he felt offended. Only, Olvin didn’t care much for his feelings as he had enough trouble with his own.

“So that’s your prize for my honesty, is it? You prefer not to see the horns the little one’s crowning you with and I’ll be sorry if he remains subtle enough to hide it.”

“You accused him so make sure you prove he’s the slut you painted him to be. I want to see a proof or –“

“What proof do you want for Christ’s sake? You want me to make a video of how Michael is fucking his brains out?”

“Ian, be careful!”