Midnight Twist: Demons, Love and Coffee

It’s no joke: my novella of demons, love and coffee comes out tomorrow, 2nd of April. Here’s the book info, what more you can find if you follow the Blog Tour and an interesting giveaway offer. … More Midnight Twist: Demons, Love and Coffee


Snippet, Mar 31

“Do I need to torture you to tell me?” Sam looked at his perfectly filed nails and started toward me. “Fine, you are first, my pleasure entirely.” … More Snippet, Mar 31

Snippet, Jan 13

My first snippet for the year  is from Midnight Twist –  a funny demonic novelette  coming out during March.  If you like it, stay tuned.

* * * 

 “So you are the devil, right?”

“No, I am a demon, third level.” He jumped off the table and…. … More Snippet, Jan 13

Snippet, Aug 19

Hey there! I have to write more posts for the blog tour of Honey and Heat,  but I’m procrastinating, so here’a a little Rainbow Snippet from it. * * * “Haven’t woken you up, have I? You look like you’re just getting out of bed.” The smile on Brice’s lips was polite but in his … More Snippet, Aug 19